How to Choose Perfect Home Theater Seating?

Many people spend a lot of time choosing their stage equipment, but one thing that is often overlooked is home theater seating. It gets forgotten about because people are more concerned about their amplifier, or DVD player or the positioning of their TV screen.

Your seating for your home theater is a vital part of the whole home cinema experience and can really add to, or detract from, the whole magical moment of watching that movie. So you need to make sure that you pick the right type of seating to ensure your comfort and your enjoyment of your very own theatre.

First you have to consider the size of the room you are housing your theater in. Seats haytheatre that are too big will look out of place, absorb too much sound and not fit nicely in to the room. Remember that your seating will absorb the sound and so you need to consider the placement of your speakers as well as the placement of your seats.

You want to make sure that your seats are comfortable enough for you to sit through a movie or two. The last thing you want is at the climax of the movie is to be fidgeting and trying to get comfortable. Try out different types of seating for your home cinema and find some that you like and find comfortable. You should probably take your partner or significant other along as well and get them to try the seating, particularly if they are going to be sitting in it too.

For some people color is going to be important in choosing the right seating, for others, it isn’t going to matter. Most seating comes in dark colours, but if you are particularly extravagant then you can get your seating custom covered, but most people will be happy with the darker colours.

The placement of your seating is also important to your home cinema set-up. You have to take in to consideration the placement of your stage equipment as well though. If you have to twist at awkward angles in order to use a remote control then it is going to get annoying and uncomfortable.

There is a sweet spot in every home movie setup where the sound is perfect. The two most popular places to put seating are also the worst – the back of the room and the dead center of the room – neither of these are good locations for sound quality. The best position will vary according to many factors including how many seats you will have, where your screen is positioned and where your speakers will be. You can get an expert to advise you if you need it or you can work it out with a little trial and error.

Another important factor is what accessories are available for your cinema seating. You may want cup holders, recliners, arm rests and more. You could even get light up cup holders, but you’d have to run electrical points to your seating.

When setting up your home cinema, remember your seating is an important part of that setup and will add to the atmosphere of watching movies at home.

Michael P Richards is writing on behalf of PG Stage.

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